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Founded in 2011, Contrust Group was built on its founder and owner’s previous experience. The first and foremost aim has always been to provide high-quality consulting services regardless of the client’s size. We offer mentoring for start-ups as well as sophisticated services for companies with a long history.

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We help you to achieve targets and better results.

Our mission is to boost your company’s productivity. MonteCarloExpert.com is a great addition to our portfolio of valuation, finance and investment services. We are here to provide our expertise, experience as well as proven methods of the Monte Carlo simulation, risk analysis and management decision making to improve any company’s results, regardless of its line of business and size.

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Client Testimonials

These are just a few examples of our work and satisfied clients.
  • In the recent downturn of land freight this company faced market pressures, considering selling their assets. A thorough financial plan analysis and the Monte Carlo simulation enabled them to predict possible negative cash flow with far greater accuracy and adjust the company’s strategy accordingly.
    International transport provider
  • The Monte Carlo simulation has helped us provide a private dental office with detailed information about its value as well as arguments for an increased future sales price.
    Dental office valuation
  • For a client in the paper industry, we have used the Monte Carlo simulation along with sensitivity analysis to revise the company’s value and determine the key factors influencing it.
    Paper mill valuation revision
  • A typical example of a company being exposed to a number of risk factors, to a large extent impossible to be reliably predicted. The most important critical success factors with regard to the financial plan have been pinpointed and the company value has been determined.
    Company in the metal processing industry
  • We have applied the Monte Carlo simulation for a leading pharmaceutical company in order to specify the company valuation and to identify the key risk factors.
    Multinational pharmaceutical company
  • Thank you so much for your help with the Monte Carlo simulation. You've been incredible.
    Anthony G.

We Can Do Much More

The Monte Carlo simulation and services on MonteCarloExpert.com do not present an exhaustive list of what we have to offer. We are professionals specialising in

The Story of MonteCarloExpert.com

Important milestones in the history of MonteCarloExpert.com
  • July 2015MonteCarloExpert.com website was officially launched

    Following a thorough preparation we launched a new website, listing compelling arguments for using the Monte Carlo method.
  • March 2015Decision to provide services to a large range of companies and entrepreneurs

    As clients themselves could clearly see the benefits of the method, we decided to offer simulations, financial modeling and risk analysis to the public.
  • March 2012The first external contract

    Our first client needed a revision of comprehensive company valuation and critical success factors assessment.
  • January 2011The first in-house Monte Carlo simulation

    In order to assess the attractiveness of an investment opportunity we used the Monte Carlo method for the first time, immediately realising its benefits.