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We can help you to value your investments and projects more accurately by determining and managing the risks. Make better decisions and earn more.

The Monte Carlo Simulations

We can determine the key characteristics of an investment or project with far greater accuracy. Get a better overview of ROI, NPV, Cashflow at Risk, EBITDA etc.

Decision Trees

We can set the optimum sequence of important decisions based on the predicted development of the risk factors involved. Make the right decision at every stage.

Sensitivity Analyses

Having carried out a thorough sensitivity analysis of your investment or project, we can find the most significant sources of uncertainty. This allows you to minimise risks and prevent losses before they actually occur.


We provide consulting in financial modelling, risk analyses and ROI. We can prepare a training session on using the Monte Carlo method specifically tailored to your needs.

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Use the benefits of the world-renowned Monte Carlo method. It’s fast, easy and delivered globally.

How It Works

We always begin with problem analysis and goal setting. Then, we prepare a mathematical model and the Monte Carlo simulation. Finally, an easy to read report will make the right decision even simpler.
Problem Definition1

Problem Definition

Setting requirements and project targets in cooperation with people in charge within your organisation is crucial in order to use your time and money effectively.
Model Creation2

Model Creation

A Microsoft Excel model gives a numeric representation of reality. An impeccably devised model is a key prerequisite for the simulation.


First, the key risk factors, their parameters and correlations are determined, followed by a simulation which re-counts and generates a vast number of scenarios.
Results & Decision4

Results & Decision

What you get is an easy to read report with graphical and numeric outputs, including expert comments on which factors are critical for your company’s or project’s success.

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Choose from a range of the most popular price plans to use the Monte Carlo method with your financial plans, or contact us to get a tailor-made price plan.

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What are the advantages of the Monte Carlo simulation over our financial model?
A financial model is the foundation. However, the Monte Carlo simulation offers more accuracy compared to other commonly used techniques of financial modelling, predicting turnover, investment assessment etc. All of which will help you to understand risk factors much better.
Is using the optimistic, pessimistic and realistic scenarios sufficient?
Never does everything go according to plan. Logically then, using more options proves more useful than just one basic scenario. However, the likelihood of everything going either wrong or extremely well is very low. That’s why the optimistic and pessimistic scenarios are often almost unrealistic.
We do not have a financial model, is that a problem?
A MS Excel model prepared in advance will significantly reduce the time needed to complete the task. If you do not have such a model, we can prepare one for you, tailor-made.
Do you guarantee confidentiality?
Of course, we are professionals!
Do you offer staff training?
Yes, we can prepare a training session tailored to your company’s needs, where we will teach your employees how to use the benefits of the Monte Carlo method.
Do you offer a comprehensive service?
Yes, we are experienced in company valuation, investment assessment, designing business plans and implementing corporate financial management.
How does it work if we are based in a remote location?
These days, geographical distance poses no limits. We offer services regardless of the client’s location. We use online tools to communicate and share data.
We are interested in long-term cooperation, does that affect the price?
We are interested in working on your long-term projects, too. In such cases, we are ready to agree on an acceptable price.
What are advantages of the Monte Carlo method over a decision matrix?
A decision matrix is used to show results of individual options based on one source of uncertainty with discrete attributes (there are only a few possible values of the factor). The Monte Carlo method is different, as it can assess all risk factors at the same time.
We are used to decision trees, can we use them along with the Monte Carlo method?
Yes, both methods can be easily combined.
What affects individual risk factors’ significance?
The significance of risk factors, or risks if you will, depends on the sensitivity of the selected target criterion (e.g. profit) to the given risk factor’s change (e.g. the number of shop customers per day) and also on the level of uncertainty of the factor.